1. Bellamy

    CONCEPT WayV The 2nd Album 'On My Youth' 'Day & Night' Teaser Image 【WINWIN, XIAOJUN, YANGYANG】

  2. Bellamy

    CONCEPT WayV The 2nd Album 'On My Youth' Intro Clip + 'Inside' Teaser Image 【WINWIN,XIAOJUN,YANGYANG】

  3. Bellamy

    CONCEPT WayV 威神V 'No One But You + INVINCIBLE (极限)' Track Video Image

  4. Panda

    CONCEPT WayV_‘Bad Alive (English Ver.)’_Teaser Images_WINWIN, YANGYANG, KUN

  5. Panda


  6. anh

    PHOTOSHOOT WayV for Elle Korea

  7. Lemon Detox

    APPRECIATION 4 years ago this idol was introduced as a trainee!

    NCT & WayV Winwin! He was first introduced on January 5th 2016 as a SMRookie and got a lot of attention for his visuals Fans later found out he was not only handsome but also very smart, being admitted predebut into four of the best art schools in China with outstanding results...
  8. Panda

    MV-C WayV - Love Talk (Eng Ver.)

  9. Panda

    TEASER-C WayV - Love Talk - MV Teaser

  10. Panda

    CONCEPT WayV - ‘Take Over The Moon - Group Teaser Image (2)

  11. Lemon Detox

    AUDIO-C Main vocalist Winwin

    WayV released their second mini album Take Over The Moon yesterday and one of the songs in it is called King of Hearts, by Lucas, Hendery, Yangyang and Winwin. Naturally Lucas, Hendery, and Yangyang (the rap line) got in charge of the rap, so Winwin did what he had to do One more time...
  12. anh

    AUDIO-C WayV - Take Over the Moon [2nd Mini Album]

  13. Lemon Detox

    APPRECIATION Kind idol gifting his fans on his birthday

    WayV Winwin! Winwin, Kun and Hendery had a schedule for Skechers (brand they're sponsoring) in Xiamen and a lot of fans there congratulated him on his birthday and sang for him After the event was over and WayV left he posted on his Weibo that he paid for 128 vanilla frappuccinos at the...
  14. Icy

    🦄The official Yuwin thread🦄

    The Official Thread for Winwin / Yuta of NCT There's still hope!
  15. Panda

    APPRECIATION Happy Winwin Day!!

    Happy birthday to one of WayV's amazing dancers Winwin!!!
  16. Panda

    CONCEPT WayV - ‘Take Over The Moon - Group Teaser Image (1)

  17. Panda

    CONCEPT WayV - ‘Take Over The Moon - Teaser Image(1) - ALL MEMBERS

  18. Lemon Detox

    APPRECIATION WinwinBar's amazing projects for Winwin's birthday

    Titled "2GETHER 2 GET THERE" it includes several different projects for promoting Winwin and charity acts 1. A whole train from Beijing airport line decorated from floor to ceiling with Winwin ads. The first person to ever have and ad featured there as the permit for it is extremely difficult...
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