1. eunnie

    [ GIVEAWAY ] Any Msian Panda Plusers here?

    I wonder if there even any who's actually pink panda here :judgingyou: But yeah. Where are you 👀 cause and there's a few tickets available for this show tomorrow. Soooooooooo :feelsblankie:
  2. Panda

    PERF-K Apink Hayoung - Worth It (Fifth Harmony Cover)

  3. MVSica

    PERF-K WJSN Dance Cover | Apink - Mr. Chu | 1theK(All Rounder IDOL) |

  4. Panda

    INSTAGRAM WJSN Dayoung With Apink Bomi~

  5. MVSica

    WJSN dance covers of Exo -Tempo, APink - Mr.Chu and SNSD - Genie on 1theK < All Rounder IDOL > Oct. 14th, 16th, 18th

    WJSN giving fans exactly what they want :RichPar:
  6. lin_ash

    [knetizen] TOP 30 album sales of girl groups and female solo singers 2010 – 2019

    original post: theqoo 1. TWICE is the best 2. I’m proud of TWICE 3. Wow IZONE has nearly 1 million copies with only 2 albumsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 4. Including Japanese album?? So KARA is in 3rd place 5. Oh, GFriend has sold a lot of albums 6. BLACKPINK is good even though they have few albums 7. Oh, it...
  7. Chomiczewska

    Apink's Oh Hayoung will have a Q&A in Twitter Blueroom (Sep 6th, 9PM KST)

    If you have any questions for her, tweet them using the hashtag #AskHAYOUNG
  8. whisky23

    [Soompi] Apink’s Hayoung Opens Up About Death Threats Against Group

    Sadly, I do feel that those threats affected Apink's momentum and their overall popularity. It certainly felt like they and their agency kept a low profile for a good while trying to deal with these stupid threats, and that the girls weren't able to give their all during that time. I still...
  9. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    Oh Hayoung was a pleasant surprise for a solo debut...

    I honestly thought someone like Namjoo or Bomi to get a solo debut or even Chorong. But Hayoung has really stepped up her game. I was definitely looking forward to this debut listening to her teaser medley. And I was not let down at all. Don't Make Me Laugh is an absolute sensational song...
  10. Panda

    AUDIO-K [Full Album] OH HAYOUNG - OH!

  11. perspherspley

    SALES August 2019/Girl Group Data ~ Album Sales and Digital Points Acquired in 2019

    Estimated and Rounded🤔 Source
  12. Seunghee's Eyebrows

    MV-K OH HAYOUNG (오하영) Don't Make Me Laugh

  13. Panda

    APPRECIATION Happy Eunji Day!!!!!

    Happy birthday to Apink's lovely main vocalist Meungji~
  14. Panda

    TEASER-K OH! Hayoung - MV Teaser 2

  15. kimsguardian

    🐼 The Official Apink Namjoo Thread 💜

  16. kimsguardian

    🐼 The Official Apink Bomi Thread 🧡

  17. Panda

    TEASER-K OH! Hayoung - MV Teaser 1

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