1. lisssie

    APPRECIATION Queens of Masked Singer

    Recently our Yerin went on King of Masked Singer and wowed everyone with her clear and sweet vocals. But did you know she was actually the 5th member of GFriend to go on King of Masked Singer so far??? GFriend's vocals are out of this world and the proof is here: 1. Yerin Yerin the most...

    [Teaser2] GFRIEND - Fallin' Light (天使の梯子)

  3. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [GFRIEND] 여자친구 - 좋은 말 할 때 (Smile)

    여자친구 (GFRIEND) - 좋은 말 할 때 (Smile) Lyrics: 노주환 (No Ju-hwan) Composition: 노주환 (No Ju-hwan), 이원종 (Lee Won-jong) Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Vivi @ 좋은 일이 생길 것 같아 hey 세상이 어쩜 이럴 수가 Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes 완벽해 정말 Take it easy joheun ili saenggil geot gata hey...
  4. tseunhadoku

    COVER 여자친구 (GFRIEND) - Time for the moon night (밤) english cover by 서머베이비 SUMMERBABY

    also subscribe to the channel!
  5. tseunhadoku

    RUMOR BBC KPOP Documentary suddenly dropped GFRIEND, focuses on Lee Sooman and SuperM + Is this the work of SM mediaplay?

    The previous reported October Kpop documentary from UK News Channel, BBC, has just mysteriously caused issues after supposedly dropping girl group Gfriend from the interview and replaced them with recently debuted boy group, SuperM. Many buddies took to twitter after a description for the...
  6. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [GFRIEND] 여자친구 - Paradise

    여자친구 (GFRIEND) - Paradise Lyrics: 이스란 (Lee Seu-ran) Composition: 정호현 (Jung Ho-hyeon of Requested by @lyra.early Translated by Vivi @ 문득 바라봤던 유리 너머로 비가 맑게 갠 걸 몰랐었나 봐 투명하게 촉촉이 젖어있던 거리로 우산 없이 나서볼까 한 걸음 mundeuk barabwattdeon yuri neomeoro biga malgge gaen geol...
  7. tseunhadoku

    BIGHIT CEO, Bang Shi Hyuk Praises GFRIEND + Talks Future Plans for The Group under the Company

    "About GFriend, they’ve released great content so far. What we’re trying to do is refine and streamline a storyline, a concept, so that when they’re on their next project it would make sense how they arrived at a new style." - Bang Shi Hyuk thoughts? source:
  8. Jibang

    APPRECIATION Umji at the Mac launch event 191001

    ( More posted in her thread ) :hehe:
  9. lin_ash

    [kpkf] Artists who have 2 or more songs with 100M streamings

    Official streaming numbers from Gaon Chart Bolbbalgan4 (8 songs) Twice (8) IU (7) BTS (5) Heize, Blackpink (3) Lim Chang Jung, Paul Kim, MC The Max (3) Naul, GFriend, Park Hyo Shin, Zion T, Han Dong Geun, Melomance (2) Bigbang, Wanna One, Punch, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Loco...
  10. Sergel

    SALES GFRIEND's Sunrise has crossed 1,000,000 UL on Genie, making it their 7th song to do so

    It's actually at over 1,006,000
  11. fullofjoy

    CHARTS Idol Groups with the most songs to surpass 2.5m downloads since 2013.

    Congrats to all! :shablob:

    Thank you 2015 for giving amazing girl groups. they could give us some of the best bops of 2019
  13. Mina

    GFRIEND Badge Voting Thread. STATUS: FINISHED

    Guidelines - No fantaken images - To protect the content creators rights as well as ourselves fantaken images are not allowed to be used as badges. - Use HQ pictures - For quality purposes, the higher quality the better an image will look as a badge. - No heavily edited images - The more edited...
  14. lin_ash

    [knetizen] Recession of girl groups 2019

    ITZY They are the girl group with the best rankings this year. The number of unique listeners is 500,000, but good rankings However, recently released ICY is not good – TWICE, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO TWICE, BLACKPINK, Mamamoo are 6 ~ 700,000 If you think about groups with 900,000 unique...
  15. perspherspley

    SALES August 2019/Girl Group Data ~ Album Sales and Digital Points Acquired in 2019

    Estimated and Rounded🤔 Source

    APPRECIATION Happy Umji Day!!!


    Underrated Vocal Queens!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  18. Jibang

    APPRECIATION Happy Birthday to Gfriend's Yerin!

    Happy Birthday Yennie - You've brightened up my life as always.
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