1. Jibang

    APPRECIATION Happy Birthday to Umji x x

    Happy Birthday to Gfriend's maknae, Kim Yewon ❤
  2. sexy cutie

    CHARTS Girl Groups Title Songs on Gaon Weekly Chart

    Note: Pre-2018 songs use Gaon Streaming Chart; 2018 and later songs use Gaon Digital Chart TWICE BLACKPINK RED VELVET MAMAMOO GFRIEND OH MY GIRL ITZY IZ*ONE source
  3. lin_ash

    [knetizen] The title song of the girl groups on Gaon’s Weekly Chart

    The title song of the girl groups on Gaon’s Weekly Chart TWICE – 3 songs on the TOP100 chart currently (FANCY, Dance The Night Away, YES or YES) BLACKPINK – 1 song on the TOP100 chart currently (KILL THIS LOVE) Red Velvet – 1 song on the TOP100 chart currently (Zimzalabim) Mamamoo – No...
  4. tseunhadoku

    BIGHITFLIX - BTS, GFRIEND, TXT [Netflix Concept Posters]

    cred. @BIGHITFLIX on twitter

    APPRECIATION Blonde Sowon

  6. Sergel

    CHARTS GFRIEND'S TFTMN crosses 140,000 Hearts on MelOn, their 2nd song to do so

    Rough is their only other song with more, at 150,000+. It's already passed Rough on Genie for Unique listeners and almost on streams too.

    MV-K Wow Thing hits 40 Million Views

    The collab of the century! Still waiting on a special stage! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOOOM!!!

    TFTMN vs Sunrise

    They're both pretty amazing but I gotta give to Time For the Moon Night, the "bam bam bam bam" hook and the dance that goes with it are just too iconic
  9. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [GFRIEND] 여자친구 - GLOW (만화경)

    여자친구 (GFRIEND) - GLOW (만화경) (kaleidoscope) Lyrics: 이미소 (Lee Mi-so) Composition: Daniel Sherman, Val Del Prete, Caroline Gustavsson Requested by @lyra.early Translated by pullava Oh 믿어지니 이 손 틈새 끝없이 펼쳐지는 너의 모습 반짝거리며 눈 맞춤할 때 점점 더 깊어지는 내 맘은 Blue Oh mideojini i son teumsae...
  10. Flooffy Lights

    [Theqoo] IZM professionals review Baekhyun, Melomance, Heize, WJSN, Sulli, Ben, Gfriend, Daniel, etc!

    [Theqoo] Baekhyun, Melomance, Heize, Ben get reviews by IZM professionals #1. Baekhyun - Un Village : 3.5 stars #2. Melomance - You&I : 3 stars #3. T.A Copy - 역전 만루 홈런 : 3 stars #4. Heize - We don't talk together : 3 stars #5. WJSN - Boogie Up : 3 stars #6. Haon - BwB : 2.5 stars #7...
  11. GuardianofTheCosmicRealm

    Do you think GFriend are happy about this news?

    I know it's beyond their control, but do you think they are happy now that they are a part of the most powerful KPOP group in the world, but also has a huge fandom that has some toxic elements.

    APPRECIATION The visuals in Flower

  13. jungsungpuppy

    LYRICS [GFRIEND] 여자친구 - 기적을 넘어 (L.U.V.)

    여자친구 (GFRIEND) - 기적을 넘어 (L.U.V.) Lyrics: 이스란 (Lee Seu-ran) Composition: Darren Smith, Sean Alexander Requested by @lyra.early Translated by pullava @ 언제나 갈망해왔던 꿈 Yeah 바라고 바라던 기적을 넘어 그 먼 헤매임 끝에 나 널 만났을 때 이건 분명히 L.U.V. Love 정말 eonjena galmanghaewattdeon kkum Yeah barago...
  14. Jibang

    APPRECIATION Umji - photos from the last two weeks..

    - Umji's thread - on H+

    APPRECIATION She's so gorgeous...

    ...I want to cry until I turn to dust.
  16. Elessar

    SALES How many certifications Gaon owes to your faves? Girl Groups Edition

    So gaon only realized that they should give certifications to albums and songs in 2018 and strangely left all pre-2018 releases outside the party. Here are all the girl grops releases that are eligible for a certification but that unfortunately will never have one:

    Umji has been healed by modern science!

    It is an airport miracle! Before. After. Bwahahahaha. All that for a bandage. smh Nobody is perfect. It is our imperfections that make us all human. l love Umji for being human. ❤
  18. Astro

    SinB reveals that she was a victim of malicious editing on 'Produce X 101'

    Gfriend's SinB revealed that she was a victim of malicious editing on 'Produce X 101'. She made a short cameo in the first episode with the other members of Gfriend while meeting with the trainees from her label,Source Music, who were appearing on the show. Sin B was seen asking the trainees...
  19. sexy cutie

    GFriend Wins Music Bank #Fever4thWin

    Their 10th win this year
  20. lira

    APPRECIATION The beautiful Umji

    :sejeongcry: :sejeongcry: :sejeongcry: ily bby
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